The SFA Group takes on a new visual identity

For over sixty years, the companies of the SFA Group have been working to provide their customers, professionals, and private users, with ever greater comfort in everyday life. They put at their disposal much more than their technological skills, they offer solutions, innovative, reliable, and simple to implement. More about saniflo here.

This is the trademark of the SFA Group!

A way of doing and thinking that, in 1958, resulted in the release of the first Sanitrit. A brilliant idea that continues to make it possible to reorganize domestic spaces all over the world. The control of pumping solutions has been developed over the years, making a valuable contribution in very different business sectors. At the same time, the Group engaged in foreign expansion operations, which enriched its portfolio of brands (Europelec, Kinedo, Grandform, Watermatic …) and allowed it to enter new markets. The recent acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen is the emblem of this growth strategy. 

The SFA Group currently operates in 4 business sectors: 

•  Domestic pumping solutions,

•  Professional pumping solutions,

•  Equipment related to shower and hydrotherapy

•  Water treatments.

The time has come to exploit the strength of these multiple brands by uniting them under a single banner and to clearly claim their belonging to the same Group. To illustrate this important milestone in its history and reveal its ambitions, the SFA Group today takes on a new visual identity.

More than a simple graphic evolution, this new visual language translates the value of a global group, present in about 30 countries, a powerful and indispensable player in the sanitary, bathroom, industrial pumps and water treatment markets. An always special brand, stronger and even more attractive. 

•  The initials SFA remains the central element of this new visual identity, presented in a more incisive, recognizable and memorable way by all. The font used plays with angles, to underline the scientific DNA, and with reassuring curves, in the image of the relationship that the brand has with its customers and partners.

•  For the first time in history, the acronym SFA also incorporates a symbol. The “double drop” enters fully into the signature. Remember the Group’s activities: pumping and lifting depicted by the rising drop; shower and hydrotherapy represented by the empty descending drop, aimed at representing an air bubble, typical of hydrotherapy.

•  The new logo features a bright blue color, a trait d’union between the old identity, imbued with technology, and this conquering temperament towards sectors oriented towards well-being and comfort.

The name SFA, a historic capital now enhanced by its signature: “Shaking up water”

A signature that gives meaning to the missions around its raison d’être: “Designing and manufacturing domestic and professional solutions wherever water flows and flows”. Indicates an extraordinary personality, who puts inventiveness in the design of his offer. The inventive ability is in fact a distinctive value of the SFA Group, which combines creativity, pragmatic and brilliant spirit, able to find and propose simple but breaking solutions. Sanitrit, Sanifloor, Sanicompact, the air system, the mounting systems for the showers … are some of the proofs. Through its strong brands, its expertise in design and in the industrial field of pumps and sanitary solutions (bathroom), the SFA Group is capable of spreading a specific culture of comfort on all markets, all over the world.

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