Make a garden

To start with, you must also decide some fundamental lines to respect: choose the size of the garden you want to create, the type of soil, the exposure, the type of lighting, the coexistence of the plants and the climatic conditions of the area. Furthermore, you need to decide on the type of garden that you want to create, for example, the classic with a green lawn edged with geometric hedges, the Zen that houses aquatic plants and rocks, or the rocky one with stones and rocks with purely cave plants and flowers.

In any of the aforementioned gardens trees, evergreens, climbing plants, flowering and shrubby plants can be planted.

In the species of evergreen plants, the most known and loved is the very fragrant and radiant Mimosa. This plant gives us beautiful flowers similar to duvets, blooms from January to March depending on the variety, this plant must be placed in a very sunny area and with a mild climate, as it suffers a lot from the winter frosts. This plant does not need continuous irrigation, in fact after the development period rainwater is sufficient, while fertilization must be carried out twice a year.

Borage, on the other hand, is a climbing plant, the stem is covered with a thick down and can reach 1.70 meters in height. The leaves are oval also covered by hair, while the flowers are purple-blue. This plant requires fertile and very soft soil, it adapts to any weather condition but prefers sunny and very bright areas.

If you have to cover the walls, you can plant the Passion Flower, a climbing and evergreen plant. Its stem is purely woody and can reach up to seven meters in height, while the flowers are blue-violet. This particular plant requires a soft soil, possibly integrated with sand and peat it is advisable not to use expanded clay.

The Passion Flower loves sunny areas and is suitable for areas with a mild climate, as it does not tolerate drafts, let alone the cold. Furthermore, it needs humidity, so it is advisable to water it twice a week, paying close attention to water stagnation. Finally. you can opt for the beautiful and colourful Petunia, a herbaceous plant with a very thin, light green stem, with oval leaves and covered by a thick layer of hair. While, the flowers vary between white, pink, red and purple, which also loves sunny areas and fears the wind very much. The climate preferred by Petunia is a warm climate, in that, in addition to the biting cold, it also suffers torrid heat. It is advisable to water this wonderful and colourful plant every two or three days at the most.

The garden and the colourful flower beds from April to October

You can have flower beds always bloom from spring to autumn, to get these results you have to choose perennial grasses, or plant some wonderful and suggestive rustic plants, which will be regenerated every year, and besides, they are very resistant to diseases and to winter frost. To create colourful and radiant flower beds you first need to go and prepare the soil, preferably choosing a purely sunny and very bright area, finally, you have to start dividing the space into “patches”, possibly geometric if you want to create a flowerbed in style modern.

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