How to furnish a garden

Often much importance is given to the design of the garden’s greenery while everything that concerns its furnishings is not very important and it is so easy to come across external areas that are not homogeneously and logically furnished. As with the rest of the house, just a few simple rules and a little taste to make it a fundamental part of our living environment. Doing so, in fact, it will be very simple, and also not too expensive, to create a corner of relaxation and conviviality that can be used for most of the year, where to receive friends and prepare appetizing banquets or to spend our time in a refined and pleasant solitude from external chaos.

Obviously not all the gardens are the same, but the dimensions are not a limiting factor in the furnishing of our outdoor green area and it is, in fact, possible to obtain a very pleasant area even in the most modest spaces.

As previously stated, it is only necessary to respect some fundamental criteria in the furnishing of our garden so that the final result has its own precise functionality and an unexceptionable logic: if these criteria are respected, it will be possible to effectively enhance a part of our property, also capable of increasing the value of the house itself at the time you decide to sell it.

But what are these fundamental points to pay attention to in the garden furniture?

Essentially we must choose the style according to which we want to furnish our green area, create a covered area, create a valid lighting system and insert optional decorative-functional elements.

Choose the style

The style of the garden furniture should match that of the interior of the house but could also deviate substantially from it, depending on the tastes of the homeowner. By choosing a style in harmony with the interior, you can create a pleasant decorative continuum that creates an extension in the outdoor of the furniture in your home, while choosing a completely different style you can create a refined and pleasant style.

The choices could fall on the classic country style with solid wood chairs and tables or on wrought iron furniture with Proven├žal tones, on rattan creations ideal for the renowned Zen-style gardens or on more modern materials and lines of sophisticated design.

As with interior furnishings, there are also price ranges for all pockets in this area, but it is important not to forget that outdoor furniture must be rebated and resistant to both bad weather and UV rays and it is better to go for a purchase of quality and that can be used for several years.

Create a covered area

Obviously, the area where the table and chairs will be placed should be suitably covered, both to provide shelter from the sunlight in the summer months, and to provide adequate coverage in the event of rain or windy days.

There are mobile solutions such as the classic umbrellas or the fixed ones like the gazebos: also depending on personal tastes but also on the space available as a gazebo makes sense if it is inserted in a medium-large area and if there is the possibility of decorating it with climbing plants or with contour hedges.

In both cases, you can easily create a corner of privacy and intimacy where you can receive friends and prepare meals to be enjoyed outdoors.

The lighting system

Having a good lighting system does not only respond to aesthetic criteria but above all to functional criteria.

Generally, streetlights are installed scattered throughout the area in question, choosing the highest ones for the perimeter areas and the lower ones for areas where there are areas to be enhanced (such as statues or small flower beds).

In addition, small electric or solar-powered spotlights can also be inserted to delimit a driveway or other areas that you want to highlight, creating a very suggestive atmosphere, especially on summer nights.

Obviously, the furniture can be the responsibility of the owner while these installation works should be done only by specialized personnel.

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