Go to make a beautiful garden

Making a beautiful well-kept garden full of plants and various accessories may seem complicated and expensive, but it is not, following a few simple steps there will be no need to spend so much money and time.

A beautiful garden is normal not born by chance but is the harmonious whole of many elements such as hedges, trees, gates, fences, stairs, etc. Making a beautiful garden means to mix all these elements in a pleasant way.

Fundamental to making a beautiful garden is to consider the environment in which the land is located; we must take into account the climate, the landscape, the vegetal typologies present which vary according to the place.

The garden must reflect the tastes of the owner, his needs and must fully integrate with the house. Another fundamental thing to keep in mind is the available budget, in fact, to make a beautiful garden it is good to design your own financial resources first to understand the maximum purchases that can be made.

First of all, it is good to think about what kind of garden you want to do. Having clear ideas about what the final result wants to be is fundamental for a good start and a perfect realization.

Fundamental before the actual realization is to divide the spaces in a homogeneous way, in order to make the most of the entire available surface. For example, if the garden has an irregular shape, it is necessary to exploit especially the less suitable corners, such as those with little light, ideal to insert decorations or garden typologies suitable for that type of environment, for this reason when you decide to make a beautiful garden it is advisable to make a sketch, possibly a real schematic drawing, of what you intend to do, only in this way will it be possible to optimize the space.

Care to make a beautiful garden

The precautions to take into account to make a beautiful garden are different but very simple to evaluate, first of all, we must take into account the climate and the exposure of the garden, in fact, these two elements are essential because they determine the type of plants that can grow inside the garden. For the less experienced it is advisable to observe the neighbouring gardens, in order to understand what is more appropriate to plant.

Another fundamental thing is to understand the quality of the soil. The soil must be uniform and free of impurities, for this reason, if you want to make a beautiful garden, you have to clean it up, perhaps by moving the soil to the surface to let it oxygenate. Ideal it would be before planting any type of plant or flower to fertilize the soil with products readily available in any specialized shop, if instead you want to proceed with a natural fertilizer, just get manure (many farms and breeders offer small quantities of manure free of charge ) and with special tools mix it with the ground.

Another fundamental thing is the irrigation system, not necessarily having to be sophisticated and electronic, just a simple pump, or a classic duck’s beak.

Make a beautiful garden with a DIY

Doing yourself a beautiful garden is not a difficult task, you must first have a minimum botanical knowledge and love nature.

Making a garden by yourself is still a very ambitious choice and involves dedicating time, perhaps, for this reason, many people decide to turn to companies specializing in the sector.

To proceed with the DIY it is necessary to prepare a project, dividing it into phases so that we can work gradually and see it take to shape a little at a time.

The first thing to do is to create the so-called passerelle, that is the path that allows us to cross the garden without trampling what we sow, an idea would be to use gravel or asphalt pavement, the cheapest and without a doubt the gravel. Once the gangway has been positioned, then proceed with the lawn, in specialized shops it is possible to buy seeds that once planted and irrigated with the right frequency give a uniform and always green lawn, it is advisable to sow the Festuca, a type of grass very resistant to drought and does not require great maintenance and care.

Once you have created the garden base, you can indulge in decorating it. You can use annual evergreens, flowering plants, hedges. The choice of plants is subject to the needs of each individual subject, in fact, if you have little time it is preferable to opt for annual evergreens, guarantee a perennial uniformity and do not require special care.

Furthermore making a beautiful garden does not necessarily mean having many plants of different species, you can choose plants such as climbing plants that guarantee rapid and luxuriant growth and are among the cheapest and easiest to grow.

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