Best chainsaw for garden use

The chainsaw is a useful work tool in many applications. All those who want to cut firewood, prune small trees in the garden, fruit trees for production or whole trees in the woods, use the small gas powered chainsaw. A professional gardener must have one of the tools useful for his work, efficient and of good quality. An agriculturist or a tree climber, true specialists in trees, must know very well how it works, what its characteristics are, how to choose one and all the precautions necessary for its use and maintenance. Nevertheless, those who carry out minor maintenance work in their own garden must have the basics for their choice and use. Before purchasing a chainsaw, it is essential to know the main elements of the chainsaw. There are new or used chainsaws on the market, powered by a mixture, current or battery, for hobby or professional use.

Since this is a tool that requires particular attention in its use, it is very important to know in general terms the parts that compose it and the basic rules for proper use, according to the appropriate safety standards.

Choosing the chainsaw according to its power

For chainsaws with thermal engine, the power is measured in horsepower, for electric saws the watts are indicated, for battery saws the power is measured in volts. These indications are indicated by law on the labels attached to the machines.

Recommendations for use

It is very important to remember that safety devices must always be intact and fully functional. It is good practice to check that this is the case before starting work. Remember to check the chain and it is sharpening.

Always check before using a chainsaw:

  • In the engine unit,
  • that the main controls are working,
  • handles clean,
  • fuel cap is present and well closed,
  • chain brake working,
  • that the bar is positioned correctly,
  • that the chain is sharpened,
  • integrated and correctly mounted on the bar,
  • that the work area is free of children,
  • animals or the curious,
  • never to work alone but with someone who can help you in an emergency,
  • always wear gloves,
  • headphones,
  • suitable footwear,
  • a protective helmet and cut-resistant clothing.

At this point you can proceed with caution and attention.

If you have to store your chainsaw for a fairly long period of time, it is a good idea to empty the fuel tank of the mixture, start the chainsaw, to consume the fuel in the engine. Remove the bar and chain, clean the parts carefully. Fill the oil tank. Store the tool in a dry place until the next use.

The chain saw: features

The chain saw cutting mechanism consists of the chain, the bar on which it slides and the sprocket. The pitch of the bar chain and the sprocket must coincide to work correctly.

A well-sharpened chain in good condition facilitates work, reduces fuel consumption and avoids accidents, guaranteeing superior cutting performance and operational safety.

A correct combination of bar and chain depends on the applications to be carried out. A long bar will be used for felling large trees, a small bar for plant pruning.

Types of chainsaws

For example, a summary of the types of chainsaws currently on the market:

  • for cutting firewood;
  • for agriculture;
  • for forestry work;
  • for tree care;
  • carving;
  • for first aid;
  • battery-operated.

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